December 11, 2017


Business Consulting Services

ERP investments can only create business value if they are directly tied to a company’s competitiveness.

The payback for ERP systems is strategic alignment between IT and the business. Alignment will generate a higher return on the firm’s IT investments and focus the firm’s project portfolio on initiatives likely to have strategic impact. Ultimately, enterprise architecture leads to “happy surprises”.

We at ITBMS specialize in deploying SAP solutions to meet your business needs. ITBMS works with clients to derive more value from their SAP implementations. Using our cost-effective implementation strategies, we help clients generate greater value from their SAP investments and deliver the higher return on existing assets.

Our unique selling proposition is our proven deployment methodology and vast knowledge base.


Deploy-S.A.P-MethodologyThe Deploy SAP methodology defines our concise, consistent, accelerated approach to successful SAP implementations.

Our proven methodology builds on SAP’s Solution Manager Roadmap method. This baseline approach is supplemented by techniques, and best practices are drawn from our trained & experienced professionals across varied industries and projects.

Deploy SAP helps ITBMS accelerate the project’s ‘Speed to Value’ and enables us to collaboratively help our clients achKnowNet-Itbmsieve their goals. In addition to providing a content-specific roadmap to estimate, plan and monitor SAP implementations, our methodology also includes numerous knowledge objects accessible from our knowledge repository (KnowNet) thereby accelerating development. This enables our consultants to add value to projects not only by using their own skills and knowledge but also leveraging the organization-wide knowledge pool.